Saturday, February 25, 2012

Amanda Trujillo, part 2

It gets much worse: the Arizona State Nursing Board has ordered Nurse Trujillo to undergo a mental health evaluation in retaliation for her going public with the matter.With the Boards paid psychiatrist to boot, not a disinterested third party. Whats more, they have also ordered her to turn over records from all the physicians she has ever seen for any reason. What happened to her rights of privacy? There seems to be nothing that this outrageous order could contribute to an investigation of the matter. And it turns out that the President of the board of Nursing is also in a position of authority at the hospital that fired Nurse Trujillo. Can anybody spell "conflict of interest"? This order for a mental health evaluation stinks of authoritarian excess reminding one of the KGB or Gestapo.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Amanda Trujillo RN

I am breaking into my usual fiction to tell you about a real travesty taking place in Arizona. Amanda Trujillo RN advised a patient who was up for a liver transplant about other options at the patients request. This is a normal and expected duty of an RN. As a result, the patient and his family decided against the liver transplant. The Surgeon involved went ballistic, threw a well documented temper tantrum, went to the Hospital administration and demanded Nurse Trujillo's termination, which they did. He then went and filed a complaint with the Arizona State Nursing Board who have placed Nurse Trujillo under investigation. The American Nurses Association, who supposedly represent nurses has issued a fatuous, self serving masterpiece of administrative-do-nothing statement that if anything, supports the hospital, the surgeon and the state board.  The Arizona State Nurses Association also has done nothing.The leadership of the state board and the state association have been seen schmoozing with other powers that be. Am I surprised? No. Am I outraged? Yes. Over the years I have seen many, many instances of Nurses having to put up with abusive behavior if not outright assault and battery by Physicians. I have yet to see any Physician receive appropriate discipline, and in most instances no discipline. The Nurse victim however, is frequently threatened, suspended, fired, or reported to Nursing Boards if that Nurse seeks redress. The history of the relationships between hospitals, physicians and nurses contributes directly to these situations, as well as where the money is. You can learn more about Amanda Trujillo at any of the nursing related blogs in the list of bogs to the right of these postings. Just click on the listed blog, it will take you there. Or google "Amanda Trujillo".Spread the word!

While you are on my blog, please check out the archived posting for July, 2012 "A Sample - Chapters 1 - 4" of the book The End of Shift Report