Monday, September 5, 2016

The End of Shift Report now exclusively on Amazon.Com

The End of Shift Report  has ended it's distribution agreements with the i-bookstore, Barnes & Noble and It will now exclusively be available through

Be sure to check out my other novel "A Gift of a Sword" also on - read a sample at

   A gift of a sword from the most renowned forge master sent a youth on a mission from a powerful Lord. A mission that is steeped in intrigue and danger that grows with every stage of the journey.

   A gift of a sword will lead him to his first love, adventure, lands far from his home, responsibilities beyond his years, and it will mark him for all to see as a man in full.
  A gift of a sword will lead him into combat, to a desperate fight for his life, to cause him to suffer the loss of comrades, and lead him to a realization of his own mortality.

What else might the gift of a sword bring?