Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ebola, Nurses and Hospitals

 The reports coming out of the Hospital in Texas from nurses are truly alarming. A picture of a failure of leadership, decisions on protocol being made by clueless administrators which changed on a day by day basis. Apparently, the patient was treated using standard "Contact Isolation" procedures which are totally inadequate for a disease like Ebola. Below is a protocol for Ebola sent E-Mail to the nurses of a highly respected hospital with a national reputation for excellence.
 First, contrast these pictures with what you have seen on TV of health workers in Africa in full hazmat suits being sprayed down with disinfectant after coming out of contact with patients before disrobing. Second, the panel on the sequence for removing protective equipment has a serious error: Instructing one to remove gloves first. Right. Then you touch your contaminated gown etc. with bare hands. Any OR nurse will tell you that you remove your gloves LAST.  Note also the lack of Hoods to cover head and neck, backless gowns, lack of rubber boots or clogs that can be autoclaved (high temperature/pressure sterilization), or any information on how to deal with all the contaminated trash, how to deal with floors and bedding contaminated with all manner of body fluids, etc. They handle all of this better in the bush in Africa.
  If this was how they were dealing with Ebola in Texas, it is a miracle that only two nurses contracted the disease. It is also apparent that nurses were assigned to go straight from the Ebola patients room to care for other patients.
  It is also apparent that nurses are reluctant to speak up for fear of retaliation.
  Lastly, read Richard Preston's book "The Hot Zone" to see how NIH (not CDC) deals with Ebola. That will really open your eyes as to the inadequacy of the above protocols. If either of these nurses dies, the authorities of that Texas hospital should be tried for murder or at least manslaughter.

While you are here, scroll down or jump to July 2012 to read a sample of the book "The End of Shift Report" Thank You!

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